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We are ready to go back to


We are ready to make your film project ready!

As we enter into the post-strike of the film industry. On Stage Cleaning is ready for you. It's your sound stage, your production offices, and your studios need a dust-off? A complete cleaning? Disinfected and ready to go so you can return to work...? we are here for you. Call us, and we can send a crew to get all your spaces ready for Action, Rolling and Cut!

Call us in advance so our On Stage Cleaning Crew can make things happen. 

We have the knowledge and the equipment to have your spaces ready quickly with high-value cleaning procedures.

We have all Eco-friendly cleaning products formulated to manage risks to human health, the environment, and the containers are responsible packaging that supports the circular economy and moves towards zero waste.

Let us know what you need, and we will manage it so you can focus on your film project!

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