Safe return-to-work plan 


Our On Stage Cleaning™ team has been working and investing in coming back stronger than ever and making sure you have the backup you deserve to keep your Studios rolling. Here is what On Stage Cleaning has been doing to go back to Action in a Post-COVID-19 World.


During the lockdown, On Stage Cleaning has been working on creating new cleaning standards and guidelines to provide value to all our film industry clients and peace of mind during these times.


- All our crew members have gone through an In-House training certification on commercial cleaning standards, Safe Sets™ COVID-19 level A program, and WHMIS certification for Canada.

- On Stage Cleaning ™ partnered with Odyssey Medical Canada Inc., a leading national provider of onsite medical care to support our COVID compliance program.  The clinical team at Odyssey supports our COVID-19 knowledge and internal self-screening, helping us to improve our company processes and provide a better approach to a post-COVID-19 world.

Odyssey Medical Canada Inc. The leadership and clinical team at Odyssey have contributed to the 'Reopening Guide' from The Event Safety Alliance. Strategic and technical advice is coming in from many directions, including WHO, Health Canada, the Provincial Medical Officer, local authorities, WorkSafeBC, unions, guilds, and Industry-specific guidelines. For more info about Odyssey Medical please visit

- All cleanings will always include ‘high-touch’ areas with disinfectant. We anticipate the need for increased frequency of cleanings, potentially between takes. 

- Introduction of Electrostatic Sprayer machines to all On Stage Cleaning Crews to be applied to all areas needed after every cleaning.

- We just acquired a huge inventory of 'ENVIRO CARE NEUTRAL DISINFECTANT'. This is an Eco-friendly product that won't damage the environment and at the same time, it is a powerful disinfectant against COVID-19. Enviro Care Neutral disinfectant it is an Approved Disinfectant For use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). This product has a DIN (Drug Identification Number): 02130661. You can check our Product in the Health Canada Database on the list of disinfectants with evidence for use against COVID-19.

- Crew members are always required to use:  Gloves, face masks, goggles, and On Stage Cleaning uniform in order to be properly identifiable on site.

- Crew members are equipped with hand sanitizer, Electrostatic Sprayer machines, and disinfectant wipes to clean themselves after every job as needed.

- All our company meetings are being held remotely to comply with social distancing recommendations.

- We plan for all of our Crew members to be certified with Occupational First Aid Level 1 (OFA1).

- All Crew members will be trained by our Physician Medical Director in how to recognize COVID-19 symptoms in both themselves and others around them. 

On Stage Cleaning™ seeks to come back online in support to our clients with a Physician-Approved program for staff screening daily, and our usual commitment to the highest level of set health and hygiene using Eco-friendly and the 'greenest' products possible.

On Stage Cleaning has teamed up with Odyssey Medical Inc. and Green Spark Group, and together we have created The Canada Alliance of Collective services for the Film Industry. This new Division can provide Medical Services and sustainable Solutions to your film productions including:

Medical Services Powered by ODYSSEY MEDICAL.

  • Health Screening at Check-in for all persons arriving on set.

  • Secondary Screening with our On-Call Physician in the event of an at-risk person presenting for work.

  • COVID-19 Quarantine and Screening Advice as needed in support of return-to-work decision making.

  • Access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Consultative participation in health and hygiene discussions at the operational level for the 'new normal' to mitigate risk in the filming environments.

  • On-Site set Medics.

  • A higher level of care On-site medical services at the level of Nursing or Physician-Level care.

To know more about our Medical team please visit

Sustainable Services powered by GREEN SPARK GROUP.

  • Full run Show sustainable production management.

  • Staffing: Recruiting and sustainability training for 3rd party COVID-safety teams.

  • Comprehensive Carbon Impact reporting including data collection support.

  • Studio Executive peer training and Q&A.

  • White-label course creation - customized, branded online course(s).

On Stage Cleaning™ is planning to go back to Action by hiring as many people as needed to meet the new, higher cleanliness and hygiene standards required by our clients. We have the financial reserve to further invest in products, personnel, and processes to support the return of our local film industry and adapt to the ever-changing new standards for health, sanitation, and Sustainability.


All we ask is for our clients is to provide us with as much notice in advance as possible for us to be able to coordinate our services and be able to provide the value your production deserves in a professional and timely manner.

We know that this is new to all of us and we want to make sure that you are taken care of and that we are here for you, so your production continues shooting without interruptions.

if you have any questions regarding these new protocols, services, and procedures please let us know and we can adapt together to this transition.

We look forward to seeing you in Action! Rolling! and Cut!

below you will find our deck presentation of our Canada Alliance of Collective services for the film industry.



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