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Our Line of Services.

We are a professional Commercial cleaning  company serving Strata Corporations, office buildings, stadiums, arenas, TV Shows, TV Commercials, and Movie Productions from Hollywood and Canada. We are currently the number one option for all industries in Vancouver, BC. Sydney, Australia, Toronto, ON, and New York, USA.

We are a fully environmental and sustainable company, and every job is performed thinking of the environment.

All On Stage Cleaning® services are COVID-19 READY and certified by Odyssey Medical to ensure our crew and clients' health and well-being.

Our line of services are but not limited to:

  •           Commercial Cleaning Services

  •           High Rise window cleaning

  •           Professional Power washing cleaning

  •           Strata Property Maintenance 

  •           Property Cleaning Solutions 

  •           Building Maintenance Services 

  •           Professional Janitorial Services

  •           Green Cleaning Options

  •           Common Area Cleaning 

  •           Exterior Building Cleaning 

  •           Janitorial Cleaning Contracts 

  •           Property Management Cleaning Services 

  •           Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

  •           Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions 

  •           Window Cleaning Services

  •           Building Sanitization Services

  •           Professional Power washing

  •           Film Shooting - Residential

  •           Film Shooting - Commercial businesses

  •           Film Production's Offices

  •           Sound Stages and Commercial warehouses

  •           Studios Sets

  •           Film Shooting - Street and Alley's cleaning

  •           Power washing Truck

  •           Professional window cleaning

  •           Junk Removal

  •           Snow Removal and Snow Truck plow

  •           Boom and Scissor lift Commercial Cleaning

  •           Environmental cleaning services

  •           Job location's Services

  •           Pest Control Services: Pest Control services powered by: 


Commercial Warehouse deep cleaning and maintenance.

On Stage Cleaning® has the job to clean, sanitized, and maintain Commercial warehouses and sound stages for a complete deep cleaning from top to bottom. We have been working along with the most important Corporations and film studios in the lower mainland. Sim Studios, Bridge Studios, Martini Studios, Vancouver film studios, CBC Radio Canada to name a few. We provided detail and professional cleaning with a trained and certified crew to make sure every Warehouse and sound stage is ready with the highest standards.

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