Some of our most recent Projects and Events

Crazy 8 Film Festival. 

On Stage Cleaning™ is an official Sponsors of this amazing film festival that takes place every year in Vancouver. We Sponsor all six shorts by providing cleaning services to their shooting locations by Supporting local talent and future filmmakers of the Hollywood North industry.

Sustainable Production Forum

On Stage Cleaning™ has been working towards a more sustainable future for our planet. We are one of the official sponsors for this amazing initiative.

The intent of the forum is to curate informative, inspiring, and engaging content that can apply to all areas of the industry, and spark lasting change. When we gather all of the industry's numerous stakeholders in one forum, under one topic, incredible innovation occurs organically through connection with this community. The forum helps break down barriers within the industry and fosters a culture of collaboration that continues long after the SPF ends.

Check our Sustainable Solutions page to see the latest updates on our Eco-friendly products and what is On Stage Cleaning™  working towards a more sustainable planet.

Sound Stages and Studio Sets deep cleaning and maintenance.

On Stage Cleaning™ has the job to clean, sanitized, and maintain sound stages after production is done with their film project. We have been working along with the most important film studios in the lower mainland. Sim Studios, Bridge Studios, Martini Studios, Vancouver film studios, CBC Radio Canada to name a few. We provided detail and professional cleaning with a trained and certified crew to make sure every sound stage is ready for the next film production.