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Our Line of Services.

We are a professional Film Cleaning company serving major TV Shows, TV Commercials, and Movie Productions from Hollywood and Canada. We are currently the number one option for all film productions in Vancouver, BC. Sydney, Australia, Toronto, ON, and New York, USA.

We are a fully environmental and sustainable company, and every job is performed thinking of the environment.

All On Stage Cleaning® services are COVID-19 READY and certified by Odyssey Medical to ensure our crew and clients' health and well-being.

Our line of services are but not limited to:

  •           Film Shooting - Residential: Homes, Apartments, lofts, high-end mansions, Heritage mansions, etc.

  •           Film Shooting - Commercial businesses: restaurants, bars, hotels, Offices, Government spaces, and offices.

  •           Film Production's Offices: daily, weekly, monthly cleaning. Complete janitorial services maintenance.

  •           Sound Stages and Film warehouses: Blowing trusses, cleaning walls, structure lamps and fans, floor treatment cleaning with Zamboni floor scrubber, and power wash. A complete cleaning service when your production has been wrapped up.

  •           Studios Sets: complete cleaning of all your film sets studios. Our crew is trained to do cleanings during rolling times!

  •           Film Shooting - Street and Alley's cleaning: Our crew is trained to do needle pick with hazardous sharp containers, disinfect back alleys, garbage pick up, application of deodorant sanitizer after each clean.

  •           Power washing Truck: We have two top-notch-equipment trucks to power wash, streets and back alleys, home and offices driveways, parking lots, backlots, and many more.

  •           Professional window cleaning: High rises, offices building, residential homes, set studios, locations, and any other window cleaning.

  •           Junk Removal: We can get you a junk removal truck for that unexpected debris in the street and alleys, shooting locations.

  •           Snow Removal and Snow Truck plow: We provided this service for your production to tackle your weather needs for your filming scene, parking lots, and any other space your production requires snow removal and ice melting service.

  •          Boom and Scissor lift: Our crew is fully trained and ticket certifies to operate and handle this heavy equipment for any job that your production requires for any giving job of our services.

  •         Environmental cleaning services: Big oil spills because of a car crash scene? Your food truck spilled much grease in your crafty area? Call us, and we get environmental services to take care of that without damaging the environment.

  •         Job location's Services: Time is money, and if your production needs a professional manager to handle any request for your production, you can count on us. From finding you the right company to tackle a complicated job, you don't need to call and search for many companies for your production to get the job done. Call us, and we can manage your request for you.

  • Pest Control Services: On Stage Cleaning® has partnered with Premiere Pest Control to provide to all Vancouver, BC's film industry a high-quality and professional group that is based on a team of experts, quality assurance programs, and universal documentation of findings and service, all of which guarantees our insect control service meets our high-quality standards and norms. The identification of insects and other pests by phone or email is very hard. Need to know what kind of bug or rodents are in your location? Please schedule a technician to come by for a free inspection! Pest Control services powered by: 


Sound Stages and Studio Sets deep cleaning and maintenance.

On Stage Cleaning® has the job to clean, sanitized, and maintain sound stages after production is done with their film project. We have been working along with the most important film studios in the lower mainland. Sim Studios, Bridge Studios, Martini Studios, Vancouver film studios, CBC Radio Canada to name a few. We provided detail and professional cleaning with a trained and certified crew to make sure every sound stage is ready for the next film production.

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